A Tradition of Innovation

SCC has become one of the leading stockiest, project package specialists and EPC contractor for major requirements of different industries in nearby countries.

We also support our customers internationally through a network of offices covering Middle East & Africa.

Furthermore, to support our customers in fast-track developments, EPC contracts, projects shortfalls, revamps or repair, when quick supply & service is required to meet schedule SCC maintains extensive inventories, in different locations around the world.

Beside our extensive inventories we support our customer with technical support and engineering solutions on call basis whenever required, our engineers and technicians are ready to move direct to work site immediately to any part of the global.

Renewable Energy

We have a holistic approach to producing renewable energy that addresses not only the carbon cycle, but the nitrogen, and nutrient cycles. We produce renewable energy from liquid or solid waste, from dilute swine and flushed dairy manure to concentrated wastes such as poultry manure, yard waste, and the food fraction of municipal solid waste. Our technologies go beyond basic gas or power production. They manage nutrients while producing products of value. We sequester and reclaim nutrients such as phosphorus and ammonia nitrogen while increasing the nutrient density of the stabilized digested product. We can economically produce pipeline quality gas, pasteurized Class A fertilizer with any desired C:N ratio, and reusable water with a reduced salt content. Consequently the income streams are significantly improved.

Applications for stationary, mobile, and portable energy supply on the water, in the air and on the earth, for heating or cooling, light, cooking, mobility of all kinds, with green electricity or green gas, in form of H², CNG/LNG, Bio-CNG/Bio-LNG, or BioLH², as well as regional, de-centralized gas and electricity supply in urban or rural structures.

Complex duties and requirements of the energy security and the equipping of which require as well, technological system innovations. It also necessitates comprehensive concepts for planning, development, and realization of new energy systems and functions of which. These concepts must then completely be realized taken into trial-run, and subsequently transferred all over the world for local series production.

Application-near Research and Development in networks, into energy and environment, with focus on gases, biogases, and hydrogen gas, Research and development of prototypes, demonstration projects, and reference applications, production and network technology, storage and distribution technology, as well as application technology and infrastructure technology. Initiation, development, and realization of international joint-projects, together with partners from Europe and the World; new ideas, innovative methodologies, and new materials.


The complexity of overall de-centralized holistic energy systems

Small, medium, large-scale systems for all applications

Production/generation of natural gases, biogases and hydrogen gases, by various innovative and progressive German technologies, for example by wind electrolysis, Photovoltaic-electrolysis, hydropower electrolysis = Power to Gas as well as solar tower with heliostat, steam reforming, metal evaporation-distilling, reformer for hydrocarbon containing compounds, like ester, glycerine, etc.

Biomass gasification (sewage sludge, household waste, slaughterhouse waste, and agricultural waste of all kinds, by digester, pyrolysis, solid bed gasifier

components: Wind turbines, solar PV-panels water wheels, electrolysers, or reformers. Solution is Renewable Gas / Green Gas from the natural Material Cycle.